Who are we?


Our Mission

Our mission is to share a story with you – the tale of our Island, a fascinating place with absorbing characters.

In a nutshell, we want to demonstrate that connecting with a story can be a lot funnier than spending the hours of your day on social media.

Reading is an amazing source of entertainment often overlooked in our busy lives. Like many other stories, Fide Island aims to make you think outside your box; surely the narrator and our characters will lead you into certain reflections, it’s one of the beauties of the author-reader relationship.

 Nevertheless, the experience of immersing yourself in the world of Fide transcends a regular book reading, it is enhanced by a variety of tools that will add value to your experience and help you fall in love with our Island, just as much as we are.

Our project | Ler é fácil

Our Author

Our author is this guy according to AI image editors.

Why in AI? He wanted to be one of the characters so let him try. He’s totally in love with this Island as you can see in the photo, so much that he really likes the idea of sharing the details of his passion with you – a bit like those old ladies who are always talking about their cats. He had a lot of difficult times in the process of bringing this Island to you but thankfully never gave up and now you can enjoy it as you wish. He believes that every life should have a moment when you realize that never giving up has its reward – hoppefully he reaches his dream to be a living proof of that.

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